B-TEK Scales, LLC is introducing this new and exciting approach to scale inspections.  How would you like to document every time you touch a customer's scale? Electronic documentation can save you time, money and also lead to extra sales! The software comes with the ability to run your scale service operation by including such features such as: calibration software and service call software.   Virtual PI has been around since 2004 and can help your company save time and money while giving your company a competitive advantage over the competition.   

Calibration Software

  • 4 different test types including 17025 and truck scales
  • Error checking to ensure valid testing
  • Signature capture
  • Autofill options to cut down on inspection times
  • Legible and customizable reporting for customers
  • Customizable software for special testing purposes

Service Call Software

  • Automate your service call operations by this paperless approach
  • Service reports are legible and documented

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